Get your brand established

Web Industry - BrandingWe are experienced in branding startup companies. Heck, marketing startup companies on the Internet makes up a large portion of what we get paid to do! We know that most consumers are reaching for their laptop or hand held before they reach for the phone book and you need to be found when they search for you and your brand. When they find you, your brand needs to communicate an effective message, grab their attention, and keep it long enough to make that crucial online conversion.   – Read More


E-Mail Marketing

Experts in E-mail marketing

Web IndustryOver eight years ago, we wrote our own E-mail marketing software and integrated it into our customer’s Web Sites, today we are in a class of our own with our managed e-mail marketing offer. We recognized then that for E-mail marketing to be reliable and most effective, it needed to be made part of actual Web Sites. Every Web Site should have a number of forms that are used to communicate directly with the client and at the same time, be entering the ”form information” into a database for marketing down the road. Great businesses who understand good marketing and the value of customer retention, know the value of e-mail marketing. There was (and still is) a need for Web Sites to generate their own e-mail lists for marketing. So we designed our software to collect the exact demographics that you require (asking all the right questions of your Site visitors) and collecting their information for marketing purposes.   – Read More

Multiple Locations

Web Industry Solutions - Multiple LocationsThe majority of our clients have more than one location (Multiple locations) and we have studied, adapted, created strategies and winning solutions for their kind of business. Even if you have two locations, our processes are certain to draw more traffic by combining reciprocal (links that point to each other) as well as localized Google and Bing ads that target the demographics of your facilities.

The online audience is growing every day and it is critical that you reach your customers where they are. And it is critical that you communicate your message affectively.  – Read More


Web Industry Solutions - OutsourcingWhile there are many reasons to outsource Web Design and Maintenance as well as the other core services we provide, the best and most important reason to outsource is our expertise and cost. These two things combined make us a great choice for many organizations seeking to improve their brand presence on the Internet and lower costs as well.

You can have it all: A great company working around the clock for you at an affordable rate.    – Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Natural Results require SEO

Web Industry Solutions - Search Engine OptimizationWeb Industry Solutions understands the importance of Organic search results and the need for SEO to obtain the natural results your Site deserves to enjoy.


That is why our focus is always on SEO first. Our strategies always suggest SEO (as needed) before just buying traffic through PPC. Naturally, we understand the importance and need for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising but your first investment needs to be in natural search results (organic) through SEO.     – Read More

Social Networking

What is Social Networking?

According to a social network is defined as follows:

Web Industry Solutions - Social NetworkingA social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called “nodes”, which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.     – Read More

Website Maintenance


Web Industry Solutions - Multiple Locations Your WebSite needs to be maintained with regular updates and additions. This will keep it relevant to your customers as well as to the search engines. Keeping your Site maintained keeps your visitors coming back and also helps your WebSite’s rankings.

This is why a good maintenance plan should be part of your Web Marketing strategy! – Read More




Keyword Marketing

It is not enough just to have a static website. If you really need top search engine results and want to create organic leads from your website, you need to establish a keyword marketing strategy. We make keyword marketing simple and affordable.

For only $200 / month we create organic material including articles, movies and other content and promote you and YOUR BRAND on the web. This results in lots of organic leads from your website. Consider a 3 month trial with us and see what a difference we can make for your search engines results through organic keyword marketing.