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Client: Office Solutions Inc.
Client Since: 2006
Number of Locations: 2
Current Focus: Current Focus: Local & Regional Internet marketing, Web Site SEO, Content writing, E-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing.
Client: American Air
Client Since: 2008
Number of Locations: 1
Current Focus: Social Media and E-mail Marketing.
Client: The 5 G Group
Client Since: 2008
Number of Locations:Growing regionally, going national.
Current Focus: Adding additional locations and marketing their online brand.
Client: Avalon Photo & Video
Client Since: 2007
Number of Locations: 1+
Current Focus: E-mail marketing and lead generation from Web Site. SEO and submission as well as regular updates.
Client: Thomas Petroleum
Client Since: 2004
Number of Locations:15+
Current Focus:Expanding into new markets