Local Direct Marketing

Local Direct Marketing

Local Direct Marketing For Less is an inexpensive and effective means of reaching local businesses directly at a very low cost per contact. Our system is designed to create leads and generate traffic to your website / optimized landing pages / squeeze page or contact form page. Contact your local business prospects for as little as .19 each!

How It works

You tell us the kind of business you want to target and the geographic area. Or just choose the geographic area. We will then create a list of the first 750 and get to work contacting 25 per day.

This is not automated and it is 100% legal. In fact we are simply contacting people through their websites and telling them about you and what you have to offer. (See real examples below)

Getting Started

1. We create a sample text to be used in marketing for you.
2. We create a landing page or contact form (if needed) to point people to.
3. We market and report at the end
of each month with every business we have contacted for you!
(You can also use this report to import / export to your CRM product or other email database for
future use)


This is a month to month service and requires no contracts. Simply choose the service level you want and sign up below we will do the rest

 First Name:
 Last Name:
 Company Name:
*Email Address:
  Service Level:

Service Level

1. 750 Contacts per month (25 per day) $187.50
  2. 1000 Contacts per month (33 per day) $219.00
3. 2000 Contacts per month (66 per day) $380.00 **only .19c per contact!

Average Results

Service Level 1 = 12 responses per month
Service Level 2 = 25 results per month
Service Level 3 = 50+ Leads per month

(Your Results May Be More or Less)


REAL Examples