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Natural Results require SEO

Web Industry Solutions understands the importance of Organic search results and the need for SEO to obtain the natural results your Site deserves to enjoy.

Search Engine Optimization in Charlotte, NC


That is why our focus is always on SEO first. Our strategies always suggest SEO (as needed) before just buying traffic through PPC. Naturally, we understand the importance and need for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising but your first investment needs to be in natural search results (organic) through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO isn’t always competing with PPC (Pay Per Click) but rather is designed to compliment it. We are true believers in doing everything right. Taking the time to make every tweak, test and retest before your Site’s take live will result in high Search Engine Scores and the results you are looking for. SEO is a function of doing many small things exactly right and declaring the content of your Site and it’s content through certain code and design strategies.

How It Works

Search Engine Optimization is something that we do automatically now on every new Site and something that we can recognize at a glance on an existing site. We have great tools that determine exactly what your Web Site needs and continually send your Site through these tests until we get just the right balance that is needed for top search engine results. Google offers us some of these great tools for free just for being Web Masters and we use them as well as others, to determine a cross sectional score of your Site and provide recommendations that are sound and adhere to Google’s recommended best practices.

SEO can mean the difference between success or failure

SEO can mean the difference in success and failure on the Internet as Search engines become more and more specific. For example, it is a well documented fact that location is a huge area of focus for search engines. So at the very minimum, you need to integrate maps and Local ads into your SEO strategy.

As a company specializing in multiple location and location specific marketing, we have you covered. Put our skills to the test without any long term contracts. The results we provide you are our best guarantee of keeping you as a long term SEO client.

Ready to get started? We would love to show you the best results possible for your Web Site.

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Planning An SEO Strategy That Delivers Huge Results

Every SEO expert has a different take on what exactly makes a good SEO strategy. For an SEO strategy to work, it has to be modeled according to the needs of the brand and the industry to which the product or service belongs. However, there is not a finite or predetermined set of techniques that determine the success or failure of an SEO strategy. There are however, a set of crucial features that every great marketing plan includes:

* On Page SEO
* Off Page SEO
* Back Links
* A Blog (Most every site can benefit from a blog)

In our experience, if you are doing the above items correctly, posting regular updates to your blog and submitting articles for back links on the Web (also regularly) then you are on the right track for success. We offer a fantastic SEO technique in our Article Marketing program which provides all sorts of SEO benefits. The program starts at only $199 / Month and provides a targeted 4 articles per month for your blog, 4 articles per month for directory and search engine submissions and over 100 back links per month on Pages that rank as high as PR 8. In addition, you get our third party transparent test results each month that will show you exactly how your site is performing and will show you what we have done.

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Successful SEO Strategy – Essentials

An SEO strategy that delivers huge results puts together an effective mix of the following SEO techniques:

Keyword Marketing

This is perhaps the most important element of an SEO strategy that involves developing user-centric keywords for which you must thoroughly study and understand the search habits of your consumers. The keywords that you choose for your website content, articles, blog posts and tags determine the reach and ranking of your website. We have a full section on Keyword Marketing since it is such an important aspect of SEO.

Website Optimization
For your website to be effectively optimized, it must have an SEO-friendly layout. Ensure that your web designer incorporates SEO techniques in his styling. The content on your website also must follow SEO guidelines if your website wants to propel itself to the top end of search results.

On Page Optimization

Video Marketing

Conversion rates from You Tube are found to be about 20% higher than search engines. For an SEO strategy to deliver huge results, you cannot forget to include this technique. We provide in house video designs that will blow you away. See our YouTube channel for examples. Plus all of the videos we design for you can be submitted to all of the video sites on the web (there are over 20 of them) and the most popular is YouTube. Submitting your videos to these sites can provide you additional search results for the Off – Page SEO as well as those very important back links. Check out our section dedicated to video marketing.

Social Website Marketing
A successful SEO strategy targets the right communities on social media websites and shares meaningful, valuable and linkable content with them. We offer tools built into our hosted WordPress blogs that will automatically update your social media sites. Marketing on your blog then filters out to your Face Book and Twitter accounts and thereby increases the reach of the articles you write on your Blog. These sorts of tools are essential in reaching your social networks through a single blogging consol. Contact us to find out how we can help you automatically stay in touch with your social website targets while creating more traffic to your site.

Blog Marketing
Blogging is the best way to promote your branding and your authority on subject / industry. Creating and marketing fresh new articles (blogging) is essential in communicating your brand’s message to your target audience. Along with creating shareable, relevant links, it also helps you provide meaningful information to your customers in the process of positioning your brand as a leader in your industry, influencing social media and creating leads.

One of the most important rules of Blogging is to do it consistently. Posting one blog article and hoping your blog takes off is going to lead to a let down for you. Writing article sporadically is also a less affective method (although it is better than not posting articles at all). The best recommended practice for affective article writing is to post articles consistently and only post articles that are SEO (Search Engine Optimized). Here is a best to worst list of approaches for posting to your blog:

BEST: Two articles per day -500 – 700 words with title tags, an image (with image tags) and a targeted keyword.

Great: One Article per day -500 – 700 words with title tags, an image (with image tags) and a targeted keyword.

Really good: Two Articles Per Week -500 – 700 words with title tags, an image (with image tags) and a targeted keyword.

Average (but still successful) One Article Per – Week 500 – 700 words with title tags, an image (with image tags) and a targeted keyword.

The above examples are obviously a rule of thumb and can provide a sense direction with often to post to your Blog. Posting over time consistently and making every post SEO will provide the maximum benefits to your Blog and drive the most traffic possible.


Summary: Consistency over time is the best strategy for your blog and will deliver the most results for your company. Think about the sort of articles you read and how a fresh and relevant article is enjoyable and informative. Remember: blogs help your company stand out as the authority on your subject and your industry. With over 35% of companies with blogs reporting they get consistent leads from their blogs, (it would be even higher if they blogged more consistently and posted articles that were Search Engine Optimized) it is no wonder that over 60% of businesses surveyed are increasing their inbound marketing budgets this year.

A combination of blogging and content marketing is the best balance for increasing your inbound marketing (since the results are tons of sites linking to your blog).

Implementing a successful SEO strategy requires a lot of research and dedicated implementation. It is always a good idea to have an SEO expert draw out, execute and manage the entire process of your SEO strategy.

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