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Some Tips

Smart Phone Application DevelopmentSmartphones and smartphone apps are becoming immensely popularity with people of all ages. Smartphone app development has also become a booming career option for creative people with programming experience. However, in this technology-driven era, developing apps that can be supported on multiple platforms is a major challenge. You have to ensure that the app you develop can support platforms like Android and Windows Mobile.

Here are some tips to keep in mind during the development of smartphone apps for multiple platforms:

Why Multiple Platforms?

  • You need to understand why a particular smartphone app needs to support more than one platform. The platform should have a relevance to the business that you’re trying to promote through an app. Not all mobile devices are popular or widely used in many countries, therefore you also need to figure out who your targeted consumer base is and get the developer to create smartphone apps for platforms that suit them.

Plan From the Start

  • If you know that your app is going to be hitting multiple platforms, then your developer first needs to make provisions for it. Before they start coding, ensure that the developer structures the final application accordingly, as this will help save time and energy.

Abstract the Data

  • It’s very important to consider where and how to store data during smartphone app development for multiple platforms. Mobile coverage in the usage area should be taken into consideration. It’s also advised to keep different components and data for different platforms.

Manage Image Assets

  • All apps will have images within them, and since most platforms have difficulty in reusing the same ones, the targeted platforms should be kept in mind before the images are built. Also, consider the size and color depth of the images while designing them.

User Interface

  • During smartphone app development for multiple platforms, ensure that your app developer does not build the same user interface. For example, Androids have big buttons while BlackBerry favors the keyboard style. An app becomes fully functional only when it completely suits the interface design of the platform it’s running on.

Work As a Team

  • It’s very difficult for an app developer to excel in multiple platforms, so having a team of developers is the best option. This way, you can have your smartphone app up and running in no time.


  • Get your app developed as an HTML5 app. Because HTML5 is accepted across multiple platforms, apps are more welcoming when built in this fashion

Smart Phone Application DevelopmentEven though iPhone is the leading platform for most apps, both Android and BlackBerry are worthy competitors, so let Web Industry develop your multi-platform application. We can design an app that will accomplish any goal you have in mind. From building your business to protecting your assets, we can meet your needs for less.

We would love to create a smart phone/mobile application for you. Please use this form to describe your objectives and we will provide a free quote within 24 hours.

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