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Web Industry Solutions - Social NetworkingWhat is Social Networking?

According to a social network is defined as follows:

A social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called “nodes”, which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.


So in affect, social networking can be defined as individuals and organizations being tied or connected together through common interests.

The largest social networks currently are:
Web Industry SolutionsFacebook
Web Industry SolutionsTwitter
Web Industry SolutionsMySpace
Web Industry SolutionsLinkedIn
Web Industry SolutionsNing


Web Industry Solutions - Social Networking
Facebook alone (at the time of this document) reportedly has over 500,000,000 users (five hundred million).

Users of social networks spend a lot of time on them as well.

According to a recent Nielsen report, Global Web traffic is up a whopping 82% with users spending about 6 hours per month on their favorite Site.

Web Industry Solutions - Social Networking
Social networking is one of the best places to market as well given the amount of demographics being shared on each site.Now you can target customers by geographic and economic (or other factors) for pennies or less per impression in some cases.

So the Social networks with all their users sharing so much information is actually a great help to you in marketing your company. From an advertising point of view, Social Networks are in fact a brand new frontier that is exploding with new opportunities.

Web Industry can provide a comprehensive Web marketing plan for your company that includes the lucrative new opportunities in the Social Networking space.

Ask about our Facebook and Twitter special when you contact us.


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